Five Time Heavy Weight Champion Master Steve Combs
Master Combs trained with Grand Master Keakueva for three years and in 1974 he started his Iron Palm training in the Shouthern Shaolin T'ai Chi Tang Lang (Praying Mantis) style. At the same time he studied with Grand Master Han Ta Tsui in Cheng Man Chings 64 postures T'ai Chi Ch'uan system and Grand Master Kelly Choy of the Southern Shaolin Five Animals.  During this time, the four of them formed the Yang Cheng T'ai Chi & Kung Fu Association and in 1975 Grand Master Keakueva, Kelly Choi and Han Ta Tsui promoted Steve Combs to Master and Pacific Representive of the Yang Cheng T'ai Chi & Kung Fu Association. Before Grand Masters Keakueva death in 1997 he promoted Master Combs to Grand Master of the association.
   Moving to Hawaii at the end of 1975 Master Combs opened the Yang Cheng T'ai Chi & Kung Fu Association of Hawaii, trained a competition team and competed in the Hawaiian Open Karate Championship taking 1st Place in the Adult Form division in 1976.. After graduating from the University of Hawaii in 1977 with a Master Degree in Far Eastern Religion, specializing in ancient Chinese Philosophy (Taoism) and Asian Studies, Master Combs moved back to Los Angeles California and in 1978 and opened the Yang Cheng T'ai Chi & Kung Fu Association in Torrance. He became a member of the Chinese Martial Arts Association of Los Angeles California in 1979. In 1980 he created, wrote, produced and hosted a pilot for television called, "World of T'ai Chi" for channel five. In 1981 he started a new project and created, wrote, produced, co-directed and hosted a 10 episode cable television series called "The Teachings of T'ai Chi Ch'uan" through the instructional media department at the University of Dominguez Hills, where he was teaching philosophy, that aired on nine local cable stations for six years. In 1983 Grand Master Combs opened another school in Manhattan Beach California teaching T'ai Chi Ch'uan to kindergarden students for the Manhattan Beach School District. In 1986 Master Combs attended the annual Chinese Martial Arts Awards Presentation in Los Angeles and again in 1987 he was given an award for his continuious contribution in the Chinese Martial Arts.
   Moving to New York in 1988 Master Combs opened the Yang Cheng T'ai Chi & Kung Fu Association of New York and trained a competition and demonstration team. In 1989 Master Combs was invited to compete in the Annual Chinese Invitational Tournament of New York and took 1st Place in the Heavy Weight Division. Master Combs put on a Tai Chi & Kung Fu demonstration with his competition and demonstration team at the Far Rockaway's Stadium New York in 1989 & 1990, demonstrating some of his Five Animals, T'ai Chi Ch'uan form and an impressive breaking techniques.
   Master Combs moved back to Guam to take over the Guam Academy of Martial Arts again at the end of 1990 after finding out that his good friend and head instructor 3rd degree black belt Bernard Franquez had taken ill. That year and the next year (1991) Master Combs was voted to be head judge for all the Martial Arts Tournaments held on Guam.  After appointing another head instructor for the Guam Academy of Martial Arts in 1992, Master Combs moved to Saipan and opened the CNMI Academy of Martial Arts Yang Cheng T'ai Chi & Kung Fu Association in the village of San Vicente.
   In 1993 he was again head judge of the Guam's Tae Kwon Do Tournament and was asked to come out of retirement and competed in the tournaments heavy weight division, Master Combs took 1st Place by way of knockout in the second round for his fifth title and was asked to compete in the Tae Kwon Do World Tournament in Korea but declined. Master Combs developed a  strong competition team in Saipan and took 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in several weight divisions in 1995 & 1996 Guam. Master Combs created, wrote, co-producded, co-directed and hosted a television series in 1996 called "Martial Arts in the Mariana's" that aired for four years on Marianas Cable Vision. He continued to teach and train his competition team in the Traditional style of the Southern Shaolin Five Animals Yang Cheng T'ai Chi & Kung Fu. In October of 2000 Master Steve Combs became Honorary Grand Master and was featured in the Magazine "Bruce Lee the JKD Legacy". Master Combs moved to San Francisco California in 2002 then to Los Angeles in July 2009 and is currently in Sacramento Ca. Master Steve Combs will be offering his traditional training in the Southern Shaolin Five Animals T'ai Chi & Kung Fu stlye privately please contact him via email for information and details on how to become a student or warrior.