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Master Steve Combs demonstrating the Iron Palm at the CNMI Academy Of Martial Arts Training Facility in the village of San Vicente, Saipan 1998. Sifu Steve Combs is a Five Time Heavy Weight Champion in full contact free fighting and trained numerous successful competition teams in the past 20 years. Sifu Steve Combs was featured in the October 2000 issue of "Bruce Lee The JKD Legacy" magazine and has opened schools in Guam, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, Saipan, San Jose, Rancho Cordova and has recesntly moved to Folsom, Ca after spending one year with Steve Fisher in Inglewood, Ca.
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Master Steve Combs
JKD Legacy Oct 2000
Steve Combs in black delivering an inside cresent kick to his opponent for a 2nd round knock out and taking first place in the All Island Black Belt Tournament in 1993  Guam, USA     
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Master Combs is now offering private lessons in the Yang Cheng T'ai Chi Ch'uan Pa Kau System (contact via email )
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